Luxury Exfoliating Soaps

Himalayan Salt Bars

Mineral rich exfoliating salt bars infused with natural anti-aging ingredients that remove dead skin cells, detoxify, hydrate and improve skin texture.  Transform your shower into an aromatic, full-body polish for softer, brighter, firmer skin
Each bar is hand-crafted with pure, exotic essential oils to enhance your bath or shower experience.


 Signature salt bar that calms the mind and body with a blend of Carterii Frankincense and Bulgarian lavender.


Purest, hypoallergenic salt bar made with organic honey and oats. Free from artificial colors or oils.


Anti-Aging spirulina algae powder scented with geranium essential oil.
Peppermint oil infused charcoal salt bar Energizing and purifying.
Mary Margaret
Pure Bulgarian lavender exfoliating bar
Reduces stress and anxiety.
Turmeric with Frankincense and
 Bergamot brightening and firming.